Our Eggs

Fresh Pastured Free Range Eggs

A feather & PECK hen is a happy hen. Our hens forage free in open paddocks by day and roost in mobile trailers by night. They enrich our soil by eating bugs and providing natural fertiliser – frequently moving to new pasture. Best of all, they deliver tasty, premium quality, ethical eggs.

A feather & PECK egg is not just a ‘feel good’ egg. Studies have shown that pastured eggs are higher in Vitamins A & E and Omega 3s than ‘confined hens’ (in cages or large barns).*

You’ll find feather & PECK eggs in select local SA supermarkets, providores and delicatessens and served in discerning cafés and restaurants.

* Karsten, H.D., Patterson, P.H., Stout, R. and Crews, G. (2010) ‘Vitamins A, E and fatty acid composition of the eggs of caged hens and pastured hens’, Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems, 25(1), pp. 45–54.
  • Enjoying our first dozen eggs! They're delicious & it's wonderful knowing they are not only fresh but the chickens are loved & looked after. Thank you!

    Jessica Gilchrist
  • Congratulations feather & PECK ... wish I was one of your happy chooks - what a great life! Good luck with this excellent venture.

    Janet Houen
  • feather & PECK eggs have an excellent shell and separate easily. The ideal eggs for your next sponge.

    Yvonne Hogarth

Eggspanding your vocabulary

Since starting to work with feather & PECK eggs, we’ve become very aware of every corny, egg based pun there is. We’ve started a whole new egg dictionary of words and phrases. They just keep coming.
Here’s our list, in no particular order.
Want to know why pastured free range eggs are the best? Please eggsplain.
Eggspect more from pasture free range eggs.
Egg buyers need a bit of eggucation to understand ‘free range’.
Pastured free range eggs are eggceptional.
Feather & PECK is eggspanding week by week.
Let’s get cracking.
You’ve got to be yolking.
She’s / He’s a good egg.
It’s eggs-eleven when you’re playing bingo.
We’re walking on egg shells.
It’s an eggstravaganza!
Shell shock
You’re such a rotten egg
I’m scrambled
I might whisk it!
Let’s hatch a plan.


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