Our Eggs

Fresh Pastured Free Range Eggs

A feather & PECK hen is a happy hen. Our hens forage free in open paddocks by day and roost in mobile trailers by night. They enrich our soil by eating bugs and providing natural fertiliser – frequently moving to new pasture. Best of all, they deliver tasty, premium quality, ethical eggs.

A feather & PECK egg is not just a ‘feel good’ egg. Studies have shown that pastured eggs are higher in Vitamins A & E and Omega 3s than ‘confined hens’ (in cages or large barns).*

You’ll find feather & PECK eggs in select local SA supermarkets, providores and delicatessens and served in discerning cafés and restaurants.

* Karsten, H.D., Patterson, P.H., Stout, R. and Crews, G. (2010) ‘Vitamins A, E and fatty acid composition of the eggs of caged hens and pastured hens’, Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems, 25(1), pp. 45–54.
  • Enjoying our first dozen eggs! They're delicious & it's wonderful knowing they are not only fresh but the chickens are loved & looked after. Thank you!

    Jessica Gilchrist
  • Congratulations feather & PECK ... wish I was one of your happy chooks - what a great life! Good luck with this excellent venture.

    Janet Houen
  • feather & PECK eggs have an excellent shell and separate easily. The ideal eggs for your next sponge.

    Yvonne Hogarth

Eggspanding your vocabulary

Since starting to work with feather & PECK eggs, we’ve become very aware of every corny, egg based pun there is. We’ve started a whole new egg dictionary of words and phrases. They just keep coming.
Here’s our list, in no particular order:
Want to know why pastured free range eggs are the best? Please eggsplain.
Eggspect more from pasture free range eggs.
Egg buyers need a bit of eggucation to understand ‘free range’.
Pastured free range eggs are eggceptional.
Feather & PECK is eggspanding week by week.
Let’s get cracking.
You’ve got to be yolking.
She’s / He’s a good egg.
It’s eggs-eleven when you’re playing bingo.
We’re walking on egg shells.
It’s an eggstravaganza!
Shell shock
You’re such a rotten egg
I’m scrambled
I might whisk it!
Let’s hatch a plan.


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