Pasture raised eggs
Less than 75 hens per hectare
What does pasture raised mean?
Eggs with impact!

feather & PECK – pasture raised free-range eggs

– eggs with impact –

from the Fleurieu Peninsula

When you choose a feather&PECK pasture raised egg, you are making an impact. The way we produce eggs has a positive impact on the environment, small family farms, regional employment, animal welfare and best of all, the taste and nutrition of our eggs.

We produce pastured free-range eggs from happy hens at a low stocking rate of less than 75 hens per hectare. Our farming system ensures our hens have unrestricted access to outdoors and fresh pasture. Our hens are tended by hand daily and protected by Maremma guardian dogs by day and night. These hens are like mini-farmers.  They live in mobile trailers and are rotated around the farm every week, following the grazing pattern of our cattle. The hens scratch, dig, bathe in the dust, peck the cow manure and fertilise the soil. Pasture raised farming mimics nature, controls parasites and weeds and sustainably improves production rates. It regenerates the soil, unlike any other commercial egg production.

The hens are also fed a locally grown, nutritionist-designed, GMO-free, soy-free grain. No feedlots. No overcrowding. No confinement. This means a lower stocking rate, less than 75 hens per hectare, compared to higher density free range of 10 000 hens per hectare.

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What are pasture raised eggs?

Less than 75 hens per hectare

Feather & PECK farms stock less than 75 hens per hectare, plenty of room for happy hens be truly free-range.
To be labelled free-range, the Model Code of Practice recommends a maximum of 1500 hens per hectare. In Australia, many commonly available “free-range” brands do not necessarily adhere to this, with some brands choosing to keep as many as 10,000 hens per hectare.

Pasture Raised Eggs

‘Free-range’ can be a very confusing term for egg consumers. We label our eggs as ‘pasture raised’ so that you know they are really free-range. The hens spend over 80% of their time outdoors and are protected by Maremma dogs and electric fence netting to keep the predators at bay. They move to new pasture every week and ready access to local non-GMO, non-soy grain providing excellent nutrition to lay premium, tasty eggs.

Regenerative farming

These hens don’t just lay eggs; they are like mini-farmers who regenerate our farms as they rotate around our farms. They follow the cell grazing pattern of our cattle and scratch, dig, bathe in the dust, peck the poo and fertilise the soil. This ‘multi-species’ approach to farming mimics nature, controls parasites and weeds and improves production rates.

Happy Hens
deliver tasty, premium quality, ethical eggs.

A feather & PECK hen is a happy hen.

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