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Better than free-range
75 hens per hectare
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better than free range eggs

from family farms on the Fleurieu Peninsula

Our pasture raised eggs are better than free range. The way we farm has a positive impact on the environment, small family farms, regional employment, animal welfare and best of all, the taste and nutrition of our eggs. When you choose a feather&PECK egg, you make an impact.

good for the hens

feather&PECK hens are more than free range with less than 75 hens per hectare. Picture 150 hens roaming free across the Adelaide Oval; that’s how free they are. They have constant, unrestricted access to the outdoors and are moved to fresh grass (pasture) every week.  This is why they are better than free range which in Australia could be between 3000 to 20 000 hens across Adelaide Oval.

good for the soil

Living in mobile trailers, feather&PECK hens follow  the grazing pattern of our cattle. These ‘mini-farmers scratch, dig, roll in the dust, peck the cow manure, and fertilise the soil. It’s as close to nature as you can get. Pasture-raised farming regenerates the soil, unlike any other commercial egg production and is good for the planet.

good for you

When chickens scratch, peck and forage naturally, their eggs are tastier and more nutritious, with higher levels of Vitamin E, beta carotene and Omega-3 fatty acids. The nutrients from the healthy pasture, bugs and worms are passed along the food chain up to us in the form of healthier food. Eggs from hens raised on pasture have 10 percent less fat, 40 percent more Vitamin A and 400 percent more omega-3s.

What are pasture raised eggs?

Less than 75 hens per hectare

Feather&PECK farms stock less than 75 hens per hectare which gives plenty of room for happy hens be truly free-range.

To label eggs as free-range, the Model Code of Practice recommends a maximum of 1500 hens per hectare but in Australia you can have as many as 10,000 hens per hectare. That is a lot of hens in a small area.

better than free range

We label our eggs ‘pasture raised’ so that you know they are better than free-range. The hens spend over 80% of their time outdoors. They are protected by Maremma dogs and electric fence netting to keep the predators away. Our farmers move them to new pasture every week and they also eat local non-GMO, non-soy grain whenever they want it. This gives them the best balanced diet to lay premium pasture-raised eggs. We are certified pasture-rasied by PROOF.

Regenerative farming

These hens don’t just lay eggs; they are like mini-farmers who regenerate our farms as they rotate around our farms. They follow the cell grazing pattern of our cattle and scratch, dig, bathe in the dust, peck the poo and fertilise the soil. This ‘multi-species’ approach to farming mimics nature, controls parasites and weeds and improves production rates. Regenerative farming reduces our carbon footprint; it is good for the planet.

Meet the farmer

Happy Hens
lay tasty, premium quality, ethical eggs.

A feather & PECK hen is a happy hen.

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