Got eggs? You’ve got dinner.

I am in love with Simple, the latest YELLOW cookbook from Yotam Ottolenghi – whom I’ve only just discovered. I know, I know – what mushroom have I been hiding under? What sort of foodie am I?

I particularly love the recipes that call for 6 or 8 eggs. Yay! I am secretly incredulous when customers ask for just half a dozen eggs. “I won’t get through them.” they say. Each to their own – but #eatmoreeggs comes the reply. It wasn’t till we started farming eggs that I truly came to appreciate how versatile they are. An incredible source of protein and a quick scrambled eggs or omelette is a perfect ‘panic’ dinner for a family. If you’ve got eggs, you can feed a crowd. If you’ve got pastured free-range eggs – even better. #beatstakeaway

These Iranian herb fritters are a hit.

40g dill, finely chopped
40g basil leaves, finely chopped
40g coriander leaves, finely chopped
1½ tsp ground cumin
50g fresh breadcrumbs (ie, from about 2 slices, crusts left on if soft)
3 tbsp barberries (or currants)
25g walnut halves, lightly toasted and roughly chopped
8 large eggs, beaten
60ml sunflower oil, for frying

Put everything bar the oil in a large bowl with half a teaspoon of salt, mix well and set aside.

Put two tablespoons of oil in a large, nonstick pan on a medium-high heat. Once hot, add a ladle of batter per fritter into the oil, cooking a few fritters at a time – you want each of them to be about 12cm wide. Fry for one to two minutes on each side, until crisp and golden brown, then transfer to a plate lined with kitchen paper and set aside while you repeat with the remaining batter and oil.

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