Got eggs? Let them eat orange cake.

As you’d imagine, eggs abound in our house. I am always on the look-out for recipes that use plenty of good pastured free range eggs. This orange cake recipe is one I’ve saved from many years ago, stuck into my recipe book that has since fallen apart.

I first came across it when we lived in Sydney in the mid 90s. Caffe Agostini in leafy Woollahra was quite the place to be seen. People crossed town for this orange cake. Versions of Margie Agostini’s orange cake recipe are now readily found with a quick google search, but I like my yellowing sticky taped version, snipped from the Sydney Morning Herald over 20 years ago. It’s a simple, yet stunning cake with just five ingredients. You will need fresh oranges and 8 feather & PECK eggs – so get cracking.

Orange cake ingredients

500g butter
500g sugar
8 eggs
500g self-raising flour
200ml orange juice


250g icing sugar
50g orange juice (sometimes I use lemon for extra tang)
I’ve been known to sprinkle shards of coconut over the top with zested orange.


Cream butter and sugar until ribbons form.
Add eggs one by one, beating well after each addition.
Add flour all at once and slowly add the orange juice until blended.
Pour into a 30 cm lined cake tin.
Cook for one hour at 170C. (Always check with a skewer.)
Leave on rack to cool.
Spread icing over the top.
Makes 12 generous slices.

Enjoy this orange cake for a festive occasion. Or bake it in a square tin and cut into slices for a crowd. It works well when eaten with lemon curd or yoghurt. And when made with pastured free range eggs, it has that little extra nutritional boost and feel good vibe.

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